Thank You Mary Kay

One of the bus drivers on our recent Mary Kay Top Directors Trip, a Cruise of the Inland Passage to Alaska, asked me; “Is Mary Kay a pyramid scheme?”

Aha, we’re always ready for that one.  The answer is definitely NO.  It is a dual-level marketing organization.  The company covers the cost of R&D, Manufacturing, Sales Staff Support, and Corporate Organization.  The self-employed Sales Consultants cover the Personal Marketing, Sales Presentations, Retail Sales, and Recruitment of New Sales Staff.  Then, to give incentive for growth, Management Opportunities are earned and supported with a Commission Structure from the Corporate Side.

One of those incentives, provided fully from the Corporate Side of the ledger, is a yearly world-class trip for the top producers in the Company.  This is our third Top Director Trip, and three in a row!—London, Rome, and Now Alaska!

Thank you Mary Kay for a reward that few would give themselves.  This was an over-the-top, 5-star extravaganza for 197 Directors, most of their spouses, and about 20 Mary Kay Staff.

Rather than write a full post about each adventure, I’ll summarize the trip and post all the photos at the end.  Thanks for traveling with us!

Imagine full concierge service at every juncture that was legal to do so.  (sans customs!)  Imagine traveling the ship never worrying about the expense of a meal or an entertainment venue.  Imagine the two most expensive shore excursions fully paid for, and a very large spending account for all the other excursions and activities.  (For the entire trip, we spent about $200 of our own money, but, due to health issues, spent about 60% of our gift account in wellness expenditures on the ship)  Just imagine–a five-star vacation with 400 of your closest friend!

Summary:  After a 600 mile initial sail in open water, we spent time in Juno, Skagway, Glacier Bay, and Ketchikan, not to mention a full day of enjoying the sights in Vancouver.  We got up close and personal with whales, rode the famous White’s Pass Railroad, Rented Motorcycles for a half-day trip into the Canadian Yukon, spent a whole day learning about the Glacier Bay ice show, and visited a tremendous ecology lesson in the world’s largest Temperate Rain Forest.  Then, each evening, was some sort of grand gala celebration with the MK family.  Among the many highlights was the 1 hour musical review of 100 hits that made it to the #1 spot in American Music during the 60’s decade.  My favorite place on the massive ship was a coffee shop on the 11th deck with a 270 degree view with a good cup, a pastry, and my Kindle reader.  We’ll be talking about it for months if not years.  Find a favorite photo and write me to ask me for a story.  These are but a few of the 320 that I fine-tuned and kept.  (I heard one man on a bus say he took over 2000!)

Enjoy, we did….  Thank you Mary Kay.