Big Boys Tree House

Of the many tourist sites to visit in Vancouver, B.C., the Capilano Suspension Bridge Park is perhaps one of the grandest.

This is the highest pedestrian suspension bridge in North America.  It is the centerpiece of a grand park right in the middle of the great rain-forest on the North Shore of the city.  In being brave enough to walk the bridge, you are then treated to an amazing journey through the trees at 120 feet high in the canopy.  The Mary Kay husbands were only allotted 1.5 hours for this tour.  We could have spent a half-day.  If you ever visit Vancouver, or are just passing though on a cruise ship, don’t miss this.

Note:  We also were able to take the gondola to the top of  Grouse Mountain, but the weather was so bad I couldn’t get any photos.

Cruising with Mary Kay


Lewis and Clark on a Honda

You Meet The Nicest People On A Honda!–one of the three greatest ad slogans of all time.  The other two would be:  1. The introduction of the Apple Mac and 2. Coke.

So what does the odd pairings of these have to do with each other?  St Charles, Missouri.  We are in  Sundermeier RV Park, on the Missouri River, Under the I-370 Bridge over the famous river, just one mile north of Old Town St. Charles–where Lewis and Clark launched their three and half-year “Corps of Discovery” to find a water passage to the “Big Ocean,” later called The Pacific.  This was a military expedition for mapping and a scientific expedition for Botany and Zoology.  In addition they were charged with making first contact with the native tribes to announce a great benefit was coming to them.  (ahem, guess they over-sold that one)

Lewis was charged with finding a way to build suitable travel vessels and then develop a team–of all military personnel.  President Jefferson wanted Lewis to be the company commander but Lewis wanted to share the duties with Clark.  They were “co-commanders,” something not advised in any conditions.  The primary vessel was built from drawings Jefferson had made of a large river vessel he had seen in France.  It was 55 feet long, 9.5 feet wide, weighed in at over 8 tons empty yet could float in 3 feet of water!  A second, and third more traditional boats were built at 41 feet and 36 feet.  The museum is fascinating, but you’ll get a much more thorough history lesson by reading Stephen Ambrose “Undaunted Courage.”

Just to say we had, we dined at the Lewis And Clark Cafe.  The food was superb.

This was a working stop for Mileta.  I caught up on laundry–yes, one does have mundane household chores while living in an RV, made some repairs–they are constant in a rig this complicated, and enjoyed a breakfast at Waffle House.

It was during breakfast that I spied it!

I asked my waitress what was “up the hill?”  Her reply was “one of the premiere show car sales operations in the nation!”  Oh My–People often speculate on what heaven will be like.  I’m certain this isn’t it, but it is as close as I may get before I actually arrive.

Therefore, the second part of my adventure—-A classic Honda Step-Through with 1100 miles on it for only $1,400.  $1,400!!!, it may have sold for $375 in 1980….

Inside (with about 40 lesser, restore-able examples outside) three giant warehouses were at least 300 top-drawer rides, like you’d see at Barrett-Jackson or Meacham Auctions.  The cheapest was a “VW Thing” for $16,000 and the most expensive was a Pantera for 1.2 million….and everything in between.  Here are very few examples….

How about a perfectly restored Alpha-Romeo!

Or a $300,000 Shelby GT Cobra Mustang!

Choose one for only $52,000.   1966 GTO’s in Red, or Blue

Or my personal favorite, and for only $32,000, a 1969 AMX (there’s a story on that one, for another day.  (the one I ordered was RED)

Or, take you pick from dozens and dozens of Schwinn Bicycles, especially “Banana Bikes.”

And if that weren’t enough, there are thousands and thousands of memorabilia, models and clothing.  There was an entire room of Match Box!

I leave you with this.  I’ve always wanted to own an airplane.  This was one of at least 100 pedal cars, and was one of the only not restored to perfection.

If you travel I-70 through St. Louis, take the I-370 by-pass.  Exit 3rd street at the Missouri River Bridge and turn north, then directly left, past Waffle House, for a treat better than food itself.