Merry Christmas from our “homes” to yours

The year 2017 is a BLUR!!!   I’ve gone back over the many photos I’ve posted throughout the year and will highlight some of our travels.  Remember, we travel for Mileta’s business.  I am logistics, and do a lot more ‘sight-seeing’ than she does.  When we spend down-time and tourist time together we cherish it.

We started the year in Milton, Florida and will end it in Kissimmee, Florida and have circled the nation all but the NW and NE this year.  One of the most interesting things of our lifestyle is the folks you meet–or in this case, don’t meet.  We have stayed at the same RV Parks as the Lipson’s from Emporia six times this year, but never together.  We actually haven’t met but exchange notes on FB and Email on a regular basis.  Why do we end up in the same parks?  We’re both BIG.  And they, my dear readers, are 10 feet bigger than US!

January also found us in New Orleans for the mid-winter Mary Kay Conference.

February was a march across the country with as much vacationing as work.  South of Houston to see friends who are nearly relatives.  (well, in the Quaker family, who isn’t)  Boerne, Texas, Carlsbad, Lincoln NM, Truth or Consequences, and Tucson to see our good friends Ann and Leroy Willis.

By March we had found our way back to Fresno where we enjoyed great time with Keith, Lacy, Judah and Asher as well as a host of friends who are Friends, including one  who made his way from Wichita to Ride the Sierra with me.

I was also very privileged and excited to fly back to Wichita to drive CHIPPER to the Sun N Fun air show in Lakeland, Florida.

In May we began our move back east with a wonderful stopover in the Colorado Rockies.

We tend to spend June and July in Wichita for medical appointments and the last push for the best production of the Mary Kay fiscal year.  This year was a special  time for Mileta’s mother’s 95th Birthday Party.

Mileta finishes her year at $700,000 little pink jars sold by her and the 300 sales staff from 26 states!  More on that later.  August 1 we begin the long march back to the eastern-most part of what is called the “Midwest”.  Go figure.  We have stops in Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, before landing in our early fall “home on the farm” in NE Ohio.  This year I read the great epic story of the Lewis and Clark expedition called “Undaunted Courage.”  I visited the museum district of St. Charles Missouri to learn more about it.  And, sure enough, our campground hosts proclaimed, “Hey, you’re the biggest rig to come in here since the Lipsons left 3 weeks ago.”  I guess I never tire hearing that.

Here is an example of how we live. This park is in West Columbus, Ohio.  Most have a bit more grass, but you get the point.  Each time we move (from 1 to 3 weeks usually), we meet around 100 new best friends squeezed into premium space.

Contrasted with our wonderful 2 month stay on the farm in NE Ohio.

Then we abandon “ship” for a Mary Kay Cruise of the Inland Passage of Alaska with 300 of our best friends and top Mary Kay producers.  This is Mileta’s 3rd “Top Trip” earned, and the three in a row—quite an accomplishment.

Once back from Alaska,  it’s back to work and on the road again.  We visited West Tennessee for a month, then head for Kissimmee, Florida to get out of the cold.

Upon arriving in Florida we flew to Cancun to take our family on our annual vacation together.

Merry Christmas to all and don’t ever forget—-“Home Is Where You Park It!”

Bye Bye for now…..

3 thoughts on “Merry Christmas from our “homes” to yours

  1. Buck Given

    Well done for the year! Always enjoy keeping track of your travels and adventures.
    Hope to catch up with you again sometime.

  2. Alan

    Great write-up summary of your year! Loved the bit about the Lipsons. You forgot to include your helicopter ride…which is a good thing…I’m still working on forgiving you. So glad I got to have a visit with you in Canon City mid-year!

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