Keeping on the road with us

I suppose the greatest number of questions we receive from non-rvers we meet as we travel is:  “What in the world do you do all day.”  First of all, road life is a vigorous one.


There is always maintenance!  And I am  well prepared for it, having been raised on a farm and being somewhat of a motor-head all my life.  “What maintenance?” is a usual question.  I have developed an answer:  “A class A motor home is a tiny house with all the appliances and furnishings you have in your home.  It has three electrical systems that are inter-connected.  It has two water systems plus a sewage treatment plant.  It is bolted to an over-the-road semi-truck with its own electrical, power, braking and lighting system.  And the whole thing is bouncing down the road experiencing a 5.6 earthquake.”  The normal response is a wide-eyed “ooooohhh.”


Our lifestyle is mostly about Mileta’s hard work.  She meets with sales staff and prospects daily.  She is a real motivator, and it shows!

car-motivation mileta-joan-amanda

I am on my Suzuki Burgman 650 Exec almost every day.  I run all the Mary Kay errands, get groceries and supplies, and try to take an interesting trip every week.


I also love meeting people in the RV parks and towns we stay in.  This week I met a fascinating couple who work for Hendrick Motorsports and I also took a tour of the Triad Racing Engine Plant, where all the Toyota engines are built for the three NASCAR series cars and trucks.

I have committed to reading a book a week.  That’s really not a change from my habit during my working years.  I don’t always make it.  This fall I have not given a written report on the 4-6 political books I have read.  I would just as soon stay out of that mess!  My three favorite books this year have been Undaunted Courage, about the Lewis and Clark expedition, The Wright Brothers, and Truman.

undaunted-courage Wright Truman

Politically speaking:  President-Elect Trump has many similarities with President Truman.

Lastly, life is full of surprises, like this restaurant named after Mileta north of Klamath Falls Oregon.  Well, not exactly as you can see–they spelled her name wrong!  We hit them up for a free meal and were turned down.  Then asked for apple pie on the house.  Nope.  Consolation prize–They brought Mileta a T-shirt like the staff wear.

Crater Lake 2016 012 (640x480)

People often ask, “where is the most favorite place you’ve visited?”  There are two answers.  First, the two Mary Kay paid trips in 2015 and 2016 to London and Rome.   I also have a standard answer for that:  “The next stop!”  And so it is.  We will be moving toward Florida over the next days.  Once there we will be moving 5 times in 10 weeks.  To keep up with us, click on the page “Keeping on the road with us” in the bar under our header flag.


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