The Lost City

The Lost City of the Monkey God, by Douglas Preston is an adventure worth reading.

Have we explored the entire world?  Can we use new, high technology to uncover the secrets of ancient times?  How do we perform archaeological explorations in the climate of being politically correct? Where is the line between adventure seekers and archaeology?

Those are but a few of the questions raised by this amazing adventure into the least explored wilderness in Central America.  For as long as there has been exploration, mythology and rumor of a civilization not related to either the Inca or Mayan empires exists.  Douglas Preston formed a coalition to secure the funding for the most high tech mapping of an unknown area in Honduras that has ever been undertaken.  What he found was extraordinary.  What he has been able to do with it has been nothing but trouble and blocked from all sides.

At the date of the finish of the book in March, 2017, about 500 pieces have been brought out of the jungle to be cleaned and displayed by the Honduran government.  If a major archaeological development is allowed, it might take 100 years to uncover the 1000 years of jungle to catalog three sites of enormous scope and value.

This is a real-time drama going on presently.  You will love this book—unless you hate snakes.