And the winner of the Oscar for sexual deviancy is…..

And the winner of the Oscar for sexual deviancy is…….

LUCIFER.  We really don’t know much about this character.  What we do know is pieced together from scraps of information scattered about in a few verses among our massive guidebook to understanding the God we worship. (the Bible)

Here are a few nuggets that we have believed through orthodox interpretation of the scriptures:

  • Lucifer was the most beautiful and powerful of all the angels.
  • Lucifer and all angels may be gender-neutral.
  • Lucifer was elevated to be ruler or overseer of the part of creation we understand to be our home. (we have yet to discover how vast that is)
  • Lucifer apparently entered the presence of God at some point and indicated he no longer needed to be in subjection to God.
  • Lucifer was thrown out of God’s heaven and took 1/3 of the created angel beings along.
  • Lucifer remains the ‘ruler of this world’ until Christ, the Son of God, conquers and eternally takes over that role.
  • Lucifer is thought to be raging a spiritual war against God by enticing as many human persons as possible to also forsake God.

There remains this extremely grey area what happened next.  Did Lucifer and the fallen angels rain destruction upon the earth and cause it to be ‘formless and void of life.”  Are Lucifer and the fallen angels able to interact with the human persons yet today?  Did God “KNOW” that Lucifer would forsake the eternal God, thereby making God an accomplice, if not the creator of evil and disobedience?

What do we know about the human condition?

  • God created human persons in the image of a perfect, loving and righteous God.
  • According the scripture, Lucifer enticed Adam and Eve to doubt the Word of God, and the consequences of disobedience and thereby also fall from God’s perfect presence in their lives.
  • That act of disobedience built an immediate adverse relationship between male and female, which continues to this day.

According to scripture, the male-female relationship was intended to be an illustration to help us understand the creative, loving and righteous God.  Let me be clear.  It’s not the other way around.  We don’t understand God by experiencing the uniqueness and complexities of the sexual relationship.  We understand the male-female relationship by first understanding and experiencing God.

If there is a hunger in our relationship with God, that hunger manifests itself through the human experience.

God set up some boundaries for our benefit.

  • You must have no other God before me
  • You must not idolize any image of things living or not living
  • You must treat the name of God with respect
  • You must carve out time for deep relationship with me
  • You must honor your father and mother as evidence of honoring me
  • You must not intentionally take the life of another human person
  • You must honor the marriage relationship with faithfulness as evidence of honoring me
  • You must not benefit your own livelihood at the expense of someone else’s
  • You must speak the truth
  • You must not covet the possessions of others as evidence that you are not satisfied with your life

Sounds pretty simple doesn’t it.  Well, actually not.  The ‘big ten’ are based on the premise that we are in a deep relationship with the Creative, Loving, Righteous God and are content with our life.

There’s the rub.  We’re not content.  We don’t understand spirituality at all.  Like Lucifer, we believe we are better than God, higher than God, don’t need God or don’t believe there is a God.


Down through history, that has been the big problem.  Each human person does what is right in their own eyes according to the passions within them.  That’s called SIN—missing God’s best mark for our lives.

This ‘sinful state becomes evident in ALL the aspects of our life.  We’re not content so we covet.  We can’t achieve it on our own, so we steal it.  We lie about it to get our best advantage.  We don’t understand the male-female relationship and succumb to the hunger inside for God, resulting in unfaithfulness.  (In the New Covenant of Christ, Our Lord upped the ante to include lust!)  When we fail to play well with others, we fall so low in our understanding of life, death and eternity, that we take the life of another.  We step completely out from under authority structures claiming our ‘rights as individuals.’ We forsake all intention to attempt to understand the spiritual, even to the point of disavowing that God exists.  Our speech is laced with all sort of demeaning behavior.  We then begin to idolize the things we feel are important to us, especially the form and sexual experience of the human person.  And the result—-WE, SET OURSELVES UP BEFORE GOD.

We are not the first generation to experience a morality melt-down, and we will not be the last.  We are not the first political society to let idolatry get the best of politics.  History is not on our side.  Other great societies have fallen when they forsake God and worship Human.

I am embarrassed for the United States of America today.  But I think I understand it.  I don’t think it’s all that complicated.  We have ceased to worship the Creative, Loving, Righteous God and are responding to the extreme hunger within our hearts.  He created us to worship God and God alone.  We keep the process of idolizing alive by stuffing more and more degenerative morality into our hearts.  Nothing satisfies the human heart.

Like Lucifer, we are imploding. 

May God help us.


1969: The year everything changed

Stop, and read through this partial list of 1969 happenings on the cover, then proceed.

It has often been said, “If you can remember the 60’s, you weren’t there.”  This very turbulent transition from the post World War 11 generation to the generation of rebellion and freedom was, according to author Rob Kirkpatrick and others, culminated in just 12 months of absolute chaos.

I don’t remember much about the chaos.  In the first half of 1969 I was living under the shelter of a conservative Southwest Kansas farm of my ancestral Quaker heritage in small-town America.  The second half I was living within the protection of a rather legalistic Quaker Bible College.  Our version of “campus unrest” was to successfully protest assigned seating in chapel!

I remember a few stories highlighted within the book.  My Sr. Prom date, since I didn’t dance, was to the opening night of “True Grit” with John Wayne and Glen Campbell.  I loved CCR on the radio but was more into Donovan.  (he wasn’t mention in the book)  I didn’t see Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid until 1974 and have never seen Hair or Oh Calcutta. (good)  I was very into the Apollo 11 mission landing on the moon, but only knew of Woodstock as something one carload of my classmates traveled to.  While I loved motorcycles, an Easy Rider viewing was delayed until 1986!  Like I said, sheltered.

Kirkpatrick follows the year by seasons, therefore some of the stories have a beginning in one section and the outcome in another.  This is a crazy-busy book and you go away from each reading session with “I want more!”

While it’s true the terrible 1968 assassinations of  Martin Luther King and Bobby Kennedy stand as monumental markers of change in the American Culture, the sheer volume of important events truly make 1969 a turning point in American History.

As for rebellion, I surely wish I had the 1969 AMC AMX two-seat hot-rod car I ordered without my parents permission during the week I turned 18.  Thankfully, the dealership had a waiting list wanting it when it arrived.

#My little corner of the 60’s.