It’s A Personal Development System–First and Foremost

I sat on an antique love seat in the private receiving room of this mansion…..
with Mary Kay Ash holding both my hand and Mileta’s. She was between us. She looked straight into my eyes and said…“Aren’t you just so proud of her you can’t even describe it?” I was wide-eyed and saw her both as diminutive and larger than life, all at the same time. The air conditioning in the home had failed as it was invaded by 250 of the best of the company for a grand buffet and reception. It was 103 both inside and out. I am a bit unclear on EXACTLY what year it was, but somewhere around 1986.


What I failed to understand that day was that the Mary Kay opportunity was making Mileta into a leader, and many would follow her on this journey.


Mileta entered the Mary Kay world in 1977 and became a Sales Director in 1983. In these 40 years she has grown from a rather reserved follower to a Leader of Leaders. She asked me recently if I could summarize her career for a speech she was to give in Fresno. It didn’t take much thought to come up with the slogan: “Persistent Consistency has been the key.”

Mediocre idea

Her income has been a welcomed addition to our family management, and in recent years has exceeded my own. The Mary Kay corporation has issued her 21 company cars to drive. They are rolling billboards for the company and an amazing business tool. May Kay has paid the lease, all of the taxes, and most of the insurance for 37 years. Add that up on your abacus. Mileta has purchased three motorcycles for me and provided numerous vacations, including the Top Director Trip to London last September and to Rome in a few weeks.

Five years ago Mary Kay honored her with the coveted Miss Go-Give award for the year. This is due to her personality and work ethics, and the fact that she had developed more than 20 down-line directors—for other people’s organizations!

I have come to believe more and more that cumulative consistency indeed pays off, in any career and for any project in life. These past two years have been a blur. July 1 of 2015 I was able to retire a year or five early and take a new position as Director of Logistics for her business. We devised a plan that possibly a personal visit for coaching and mentoring might pay higher dividends than doing the same through the internet and phone. We invested in a traveling home with and additional trailer to take her Pink Caddy with us. (and of course the latest of my 27 motorcycles)

New Flag.2

Did it pay off? Absolutely!! For many of the last 15 years she has missed the requirements for the Top Director Trip by only a few thousand dollars per year. Last year it took every ounce of energy and every leadership technique she could muster to join the prestigious few in the Top Director Trip Class. This year she breezed through the minimum a month early and moved right on up to the next level. Can you even imagine what a stack of $700,000 worth of pink jars look like? We can.

And last week? Number 8 in the Go-Give Division of the Diamond Seminar and Number 18 in the entire Diamond Seminar. The company is so large that there are 4 seminars. She has learned that there are 107 winners of the trip. She’ll be in the top 50 of them…… in a company of over 1.5 million sales-staff.

Congrats to the greatest lady in the world.

The Tradewinds of Mary Kay are Blowing Us In YOUR Direction

And The Winner Is, Part 3

Money isn’t everything.  Yes, it does make the world go round.  But it is simply a medium of exchange between two or more parties that creates a standard that many, or all, can use together effectively.

In a 38 year career Mileta has blessed our family with significant income.  She has paid a portion of the monthly bills, purchased at least two motorcycles for me, helped with Lacy’s college, given generously to charities and just simply enjoyed the fruit of her labors.

However, nothing, not even money, compares with achievement and acclaim.  In these lines I honor the work of Mileta’s life by reviewing the two most significant accolades she has received, two of the highest honors in all of Mary Kay.

In 2011 she was honored by her peers with the 2011 Miss Go-Give Award for the Diamond Division of Mary Kay.  This is the top award of the company because it is NOT based on financial achievement but rather the outflow of character.  The nomination was given because of her unselfish dedication to developing leaders for sister Directors, with no thought whatsoever of compensation.  As stated in the previous post, she actually developed enough adopted directors, for other directors, to be a National Sales Director–if they were hers!

Mileta Go Give.2 Mileta Go-Give.4Mileta and Lacy

Mary Kay honors the top producers each year with a world-class vacation.  When the qualification was $500,000 for the year Mileta produced $465,000.  When it was $550,000, she produced $505,000.  And so on, and so on.  In the fiscal year 2015 Mileta set her sights on the goal.  She divided her 275 sales consultants into teams with captains and provided every contest incentive she could think of.  The team excelled, yet at 11 months was looking to fall short again.  Mileta would not accept that outcome and continued to lead the charge.  With 2 days left the team was still an average month behind the goal.  Time stood still and accelerated at the same time as an around-the-clock marathon set in.  The result……

Mileta was one of only 82 Sales Directors in all of Mary Kay (U.S. Division) to earn the prestigious world class, all-expense-paid trip, spouses included.  Can you imagine?–a group of part-time sales consultants selling $650,000 of pink jars and tubes in 12 months!  Mileta’s Miracles did it!  This year the trip was to London. Luxury accommodations and 5-star dining with every tourist ticket paid.  After 38 Years of consistent work and growth, Mileta is Mary Kay Royalty.

Seminar 15.6 Seminar 15.1 london 2015 mk 393 Seminar 15.4

And The Winner Is:  Everyone Who Achieves More Than They Think They Can Be.

Congratulations to an amazing women for an amazing career—and it’s not over yet!